PRIDE fundraiser, and hello!

PRIDE fundraiser, and hello!

Hello! Welcome to my newly-established website and blog. I've said for a long time that I don't want to sell my art because I have a full time job already (and I love it, most days), and I don't want another job. However, I have been compelled to jump into the art marketplace as I expand my skills and supplies, and as I find causes that I'd like to fundraise for. So, welcome to my first launch!

June is Pride month, and I felt compelled to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community this year by raising funds for The Trevor Project. This nonprofit provides resources for LGBTQ+ youth in crisis, and also shares research-based resources to families and schools about suicide prevention.

I started my monthly donation to The Trevor Project in January 2017. January 22, to be exact. The day after the 45th president of the United States was inaugurated. I remember sitting on my couch that cloudy morning, feeling despair. Feeling fear. Feeling deep sadness. I had students who felt that the election was a referendum on their existence as queer youth, Latinx youth, immigrant youth, Asian youth, and young women. They were scared, and I was scared for them. In addition to a couple of other organizations, I set up a monthly donation to The Trevor Project out of respect and love for my queer-identifying students and friends. The Trevor Project, and other youth crisis hotlines, provide an invaluable service to youth who are able to reach out for help before they feel that attempting suicide is the last or best option for them. They save lives every day, and they need to continue to exist. I am so happy to raise more funds for them, and add that amount to my monthly donation amount. I hope you’ll feel compelled to help as well, and also to get some colorful art in return!

I remember hearing years ago that the rainbow flag was adopted by the LGBTQ+ community because they always wanted to be visible. So, this month's collection is a celebration of visibility and joy. The Rainbow Collection was such a refreshing collection to work on! I experimented with different primary color options, which involved a lot of color mixing. I experimented with abstracts and landscapes, and even a new substrate. This has been a month of fun, vibrancy, and growth, and I am excited to share this varied collection with you. 

For each piece purchased, ¾ of the sales will go to The Trevor Project as a donation. The collection will go live Tuesday, June 29, and I will make one large donation the following week. Donations will be made in small increments after the first week of July.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and view the art. I hope it's the beginning of a wonderful journey!


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